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Casual Lolita

For those who love the simple Lolita style

Casual Lolitas
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All Members , Moderated


Welcome to the casuallolita! This is a community for posting pictures, ideas and inspiration for the casual lolita style ^-^

all posts not abiding by these rules will be deleted

1. No elitism. Be nice to eachother please! The moderators decide which posts are suitable are which are not.

2. Please try to keep posts on topic, posts about casual lolita fashion and lifestyle, pictures and photographs, questions and links are all fine ^-^

3. This is a no sales community, go to casual_lolita for selling/buying.

4. NO photos that could be considered paedophilic or pornographic, the moderators decide which are suitable.

5. ** NEW RULE** If you are going to introduce or post pictures or yourself please make it related to the community, lolita pictures only.

6. If you would like to promote your lolita-related community here, please email one of the moderators first so it doesn't get deleted.

Your moderators are littlebird and tea_and_cake, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.


The banner used in the layout is artwork by Audrey Kawasaki (i_seldom_do)
The layout codes are by vixx_layouts
thankyou ^_^