Savannah the Psycho Faerie (savpixie) wrote in casuallolita,
Savannah the Psycho Faerie

is it possible?

i recently lost a lot of weight, and so i don't have many clothes. i bought a bunch of cute casual lolita things this winter, but they are all long sleeves and things that would keep me very warm because i walk to my job at the bakery when it's several degrees below zero.

i'm working on some summer clothes now, because, again, i work in a bakery, and it gets SUPER hot there in the summer. so i'm trying to put together some lolita outfits with short sleeves or sleeveless jsk type things that i can wear when it's ninety degrees outside and i'm inside behind the ovens. and all i have right now which still fits and is in good condition are tights. last year i had some homemade knee socks which i wore with my skirts and i SWELTERED! and... i always liked those little ankle socks which they say of course, in the handbook ABSOLUTELY NEVER TO WEAR. i loved the pairs i had when i was a little girl, which i wore when i dressed up and i used to have a few pairs before i became a loli which i would wear with things. they're cheap (there are some really gorgeous ones on right now with fancy venice style lace as well as several other varieties.), they look cute with maryjanes, and they'd help to keep my legs cool in the summertime. i understand that they are associated with "sissy" style, and i know what that is. it's men who want to dress like little girls for fetish purposes, or to be forced to by women. i am not now nor have i ever been a man. i don't look like a man, and no one would confuse me for one. i do not speak in baby talk or wear diapers or anything else which may confuse people, and i have no problem answering people's questions about my "weird clothes" when they ask me about them. i'm aware that anklets are not the iconic look of a lolita, but brands DO occasionally make them. that's my arguement for wearing anklets, and i'd like to hear helpful suggestions about how to pull off that look without looking awkward or cheap or suggestive, as well as any other reasons you can think of why i shouldn't, again, though, i'd prefer POLITE remarks. i apologize if this looks like i am trying to flame anyone, i just feel kind of defensive of these poor little socks that people have given a kind of bad rap. i wanted to know if others thought it might be possible to wear these and look all right... i wanted also, to know if i was alone in thinking this.

thank you all for your time.
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