Chani (chani_saint) wrote in casuallolita,

Pictures / artwork needed for myspace account!!

Hello darlins! Im currently collecting pictures for my home based business myspace account ( adding friends is on hold till page is finished.) Its not just about selling my baked goods and candy, but I want to turn it eventually into an ezine, forum, and such. Right now Im just starting slow with myspace (Im more of a word of mouth/ flier type promoter but I figured myspace is a start for ordering).
I want to make Cookies n Spiders a good mental environment to be young at heart. Creepy and cute. Luvvage and cupcakes!

What I wanted is an album kinda describing that. EGL holding baked goods or candy. How about a Sweet Lolita with her pet spider? A little boy in girls clothing making cookies? Were you gothed out at Disney World? GO NUTS and be creative! Can be picture or art form! Maybe you found a spider in your cereal? Can be any form of photography! You will get credit under description of picture :) Ill put your account if you want or selling journal, doesnt matter!!
remember....creepy and cute is what we are aiming for! you can email me at with picutres and any info!

Sign up for our mailing list at

PLEASE add us to your friends on myspace ( ) and we will add you back when page is almost complete .
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