Princess Empress Gloria (kanashii_megami) wrote in casuallolita,
Princess Empress Gloria

hi guys

Hi there. I'm new here at casual lolita. I live in orlando florida and I'm enamoured with lolita fashion. And fashion in general...well that is cute. I'm a fashion design major. I'm 21. My favorite colors are black and pink equally. My fashion sense is unique and the way I see fashion is the same. To me fashion is an art (because it really is) and like any art is boundless and without guidelines and should be taken as your own. This goes for any fashion style as well. I think what I like and am quite stubborn. And I take no one as a superior to me (not meaning that I am greater than you but I will not be thinking of you greater than me). People are equals and deserve to be such. Lets share our ideas and respect each others differences.

*I say all that because I have recently come into problems with other lolitas because of what I think*

I'm glad to be here and hopefully can meet lots of lovely people.
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