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casual EGA

neo Victorian suit

neo Victorian suit

neo Victorian suit

With Mr Merlin, who wanted to go on the picture too. He came running up to me to get hugs. He's a very affectionate cat :) (when he feels like it at least).

neo Victorian suit

Striped Tailcoat

metal cat head buttons

Buttons! I found them in a store that sells beads and other various DIY jewelry supplies of all places ^^
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It looks less ega and more business casual XB
tho I do like that coaty thing
The outfit does look really good, but it is not EGA.
I think it's walking the fine line between GL and GA because of the skirt length. I like the shorter skirt with it, and the tailed jacket with the stripes is so elegant. The photos are a little dark though, so I think detail is lost. I see ruffles on the skirt, but I can't quite make them out.

And I like your bike saddlebag! You could totally dress that up, too. n.n
Yeah I know, I was a bit sad about them being so dark, but I'm sure that when the weather clears up (stupid winter) I'll be able to get better pics :)

the coat with tails is so great. where did you get it?